Why Noktada?

Well, we have been doing this successfully for a while now. Our founder, Cagatay Kulekci, was one of the very first recruitment professionals in Europe to specialise in Workday transformation programmes. We embody a set of professional ideals and standards you won’t find anywhere else.

Workday programs can seem intimidating without professional aid, and that’s why we’re here to take the burden off you and make things that much easier. By handling both sides of the equation, we always come out ahead of the game.

Programme and Project Managers

The people behind the management of all successful programmes.

PMO Leads

Track your progress and critical milestones and mitigate your risks.

Functional Subject Matter Experts

Realise the full potential of your Workday investment (*across all HCM and Financial Modules.)

Technical Experts

Across Data, Testing and Integrations

Change Management

Ensure your People get full value from Workday; through a clear communication strategy and training curriculum.


Teammate Solutions

Perhaps you have inherited a crack team who understand your business, but have yet to get a grip on Workday? Or maybe you want to hire experienced Workday professionals to help with implementing a new function?

While it may seem like the gig economy dominates these days, especially when it comes to highly-sought-after Workday professionals, there’s a significant number who prefer to forge a career in the more traditional sense, i.e. in permanent employment.

Finding the best talent can be a major challenge; now more than ever, this is a candidate-driven market. Your success will depend on partnering with the best possible agency (wonder who that could be?), along with an ability to move ahead with speed, transparency and an appreciation that there is fierce competition for Workday skills across multiple sectors.




Need World-Class Workday Consultants?

We provide solutions and matchmaking at every level, no matter the odds.

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